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With the festive season around the corner, we at Le Chocolatier have come up with an exquisite range of moulded chocolates or figurines that not only taste delicious, but also make for gorgeous centrepieces. Choose from designs like motorcycles, cute squirrels, bunny rabbits, violins, a chess board, chocolate alphabets, naughty Cheshire cats and much more. These moulded chocolates make for great gifting options and are sure to stand out as they are not only thoughtful, but scrumptious too.


Chocolate is no longer just another brand that you find at your neighbourhood kirana store. It has now evolved into a designer brand by itself. And we believe that though Chennai is ready and waiting for something of this stature, it has not been gifted with such a brand, until now.

Le Chocolatier - a chocolate lounge that houses everything chocolate, right from figurines, spoons, tablets and truffles, is exactly what a choco-crazy city like Chennai needs. Says Mr. Narendra Malhotra , CEO Oriental Cuisines, “Many a time, we got requests from our guests and patrons to start something that would solely dedicate itself to the cause of chocolates. We then realised that it is not only kids who love their chocolate, but adults too. So our range encompasses everything from sweet sugary treats for kids, to more intense and dark varieties for adults. There is something in it for everybody.”

The quality of cocoa used in the Le Chocolatier chocolates is far superior to that used in normal chocolates. While competitors use something known as a compound (23% of cocoa), we use only covertures (53.8% cocoa) in all our products. We do not believe in using vegetable fat to add bulk to our product.

So simply put, the chocolate will not coat your mouth and leave a greasy aftertaste. What we give you is pure, unadulterated chocolate, which is why it should be stored at a temperature between 18 and 20 degree Celsius.

We understand that great ingredients is what ensures a stellar end product. Which is why, we import our cocoa from all over the world. There are special lines, each catering to a specific target segment, that helps us serve the variegated needs of the customers better. The ingredients are flown down from Belgium and Singapore and you will find that each of our chocolates is hand-crafted to perfection. The chefs have also been trained by master French chef Christian Vautier, who has also shared his secret recipe for our benefit. Sample our Le Chocolatier line, the French Collection and the Singapore Collection and we guarantee a heavenly experience!

From the age of 6 to 60 (and above), if you have a sweet tooth, then Le Chocolatier is where you ought to be! Our diverse and gorgeous range of chocolate has also attracted many MNCs, corporates and the like to contact us for gift orders as they agree that our designer chocolates also act as great gifting options. Now, with the festive season not too far away, our chefs have been working round-the-clock to provide perfect holiday treats to one and all.